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Kars for Kids Garage (Vintage)…

With cars coming in from all over the country, we post the most unique cars in our lot.
enjoy perusing through some vintage collectibles and some wacky finds. From 1940’s Fire Trucks to Dunkin Donuts mobile.. Enjoy

hurricane sandy flooding 001

New Hope for Hurricane Sandy Victims

Hurricane Sandy was a devastating storm which affected hundreds of thousands of innocent lives. Millions of dollars of personal assets and property were lost affecting low income families. Thankfully, FEMA decided to re-open the claims and distribute funds to those who desperately still need them even over two years later.

Re-purposing Old Cars for New Uses

Re-purposing old items for new uses is age old. In today’s world where new products are constantly being produced recycling and finding new uses for old items is both purposeful and interesting.

kars for kids jingle

Kids Love Kars for Kids Jingle

The Kars for Kids jingle has its fair share of infamy. In this post we explore how the young generation of kids really enjoy the jingle.

Kars for Kids 2014

Kars for Kids – Year 2014 – A Reflection

Kars for Kids a year in review. The year 2014 was a year of hopes, work, and accomplishments. It was also a year when various tragedy and pain occurred. Here is our reflection.

Girls in TheZone

Kars for Kids Programs – TheZone Camp

Kars for Kids is a charity that funds many education and recreational programs throughout the year. TheZone is a campus that serves as a center for many educational programs and a summer camp.

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