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boat donation

Boat Donation – Why do it?

Boat Donations can be complicated. Kars4Kids presents some food for thought to get you started. What to think about. Is it worth it for you?

Joan Rivers, Kars4Kids,

Can We Talk? – Say it as it is!

Joan Rivers -an icon of truth. Her trademark was, “say it as it is”. She brought lots of joy to people and she was as real as can be.

Will you donate a car or a drone this year?

Our world in which our children are being brought up in is a completely new world. Innovation and creativity is everywhere. Our goal is to enable today’s youth to maximize their potential.

Back to School Anxiety – Get Those School Supplies Ready

School is about hard work to apply skills in our everyday life. We want to help reduce the “back to school anxiety” from our children as much as possible. Our children are our future generation of new doctors, lawyers, congressmen and senators, public servants for society both socially and economically.

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