Will you donate a car or a drone this year?

Our world in which our children are being brought up in is a completely new world. Innovation and creativity is everywhere. Our goal is to enable today's youth to maximize their potential.

Innovative Technology and our children

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Ever think about how the world around you has changed dramatically in the last 25-30 years?

Compare that old Chevy you had back in the 80’s or the Toyota Camry in the early 90’s to what is on the market today. What amenities did they have compared to now? How did you conduct business with people from out of your town, state, or country?

I mean, think about how we do business today. Ecommerce, Amazon, eBay, all of our online shopping and banking. Heck, you can even deposit a check from your phone. Communication is not these clunky telephones with lots of wires both inside and outside your home. Wireless communication, texts, and instant messaging have transformed our whole way of communication with each other. Instead of waiting a few days for a letter to arrive, you got email, WhatsApp, etc. In the medical world we have fertility treatments, DNA testing, CT scans and MRIs. We have robots doing non-invasive surgery for us. It’s just amazing to think about. We have apps for so many things; education, shopping, reading, safety, and much more. Yes, I know I’m really hyped up about this topic but it’s truly fascinating to think about. And there’s so much more out there along with the potential. More information about innovations in technology.

I’m sure we all have those moments when we rely on modern technology and then we end up wasting so much time and money because of technicalities. Technology definitely has its downside but ultimately this is what keeps the world running.

The kids of today are the innovators, creators, and inventors of tomorrow.

Many children and young adults don’t have access to quality education on their own. There are wonderful foundations, government funds and loans, and smaller charities that want to help youth reach their potential and realize their dreams. Put them all together and now there is a lot to choose from. A kid who wants to learn about some engineering or mechanics, but has a tough time getting into a program has options as well. Kars4Kids has programs aimed at preparing youth for their future.

I saw this fascinating video on cnn.com yesterday that got me thinking about this. This gentleman by the name of Chris Malloy is working on a hover bike which can potentially be used for search and rescue operations, agriculture needs, and disaster zones in the future.

Chris Malloy

These innovations we have today come from hard working people with vision. We never would have imagined these ideas in our lives on our own. In order for this to continue we must encourage our own children, our communities, and our friends to help build the future world.

Kars4Kids was an idea that was borne from creativity. Who would have thought of donating a car 30 years ago? People donated money, food, clothes, but cars? Recycling is a prime example of what interesting ideas the world comes up with. All of these ideas build new realities, helps our families, optimize communication, and protect safety and health.

Who knows, people donate cars to Kars4Kids, boats and jet skis, RVs and trailers, motorcycles and golf carts. Maybe one day people will donate drones, or hovering bikes developed by Chris Malloy.



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