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Joan Rivers -an icon of truth. Her trademark was, "say it as it is". She brought lots of joy to people and she was as real as can be.

Joan Rivers – A Tribute

Joan Rivers – an icon in the world of truth. She said what she believed in. She did what she felt was right despite murmurs around her and she succeeded despite many obstacles. The world she grew up in was not as “woman friendly” as it is today. She related on NPR how she felt her mother was always disappointed with her for many of her childhood years, but she worked hard. She strove for the top, and succeeded. Through laughing at life, having a stark but funny perspective she was able to bring laughter and a sense of relief to those around her. When most people would have retired or given up she just tried harder; she existed on a different plain. As she expressed also on NPR, “I am so out of the loop. I am never honored. My career is hilarious to me. I am either under the radar or over the radar.” She was living in a different stratosphere where she just did what she needed; she did what it took to be successful.

In some ways some of this can seem sad. She wrote this book how she hates everyone. She was at times biting, wincingly on the mark, or harsh. However, with people like this there are no pretenses, no falseness; just the absolute truth. With such people you always know where you stand in the relationship, you can expect a certain amount of predictability and it’s hard to be insulted or hurt. She was just who she claimed to be. Take it or leave it. My uncle, Zvi Howard Rosenman said about her, “she was as real as anyone can get, she had guts to say things that no one else said, she was a delightful person, and a great friend. She brought lots of joy to many people.”

Below is just one recent example of her trademark, “say it as it is”.

We strive to raise children in today’s world to be the people they can be. Joan Rivers was an example of someone utilizing their every strength to accomplish. With her, there was a side which was fun and a side which was stark. Two sides of one truthful human being. She will be missed.



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