The New 2015 Car Models – Will You be Influenced by the Marketing and How?

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Marketing is a complex thing. We see ads all the time and they have a deep influence upon our decision making. Buying a car or donating a car can be just one sliver of those marketing efforts out there. How will you decide?

Understanding the human psyche from a marketing perspective. Buy a Car? -Donate a Car?

I just saw this adorable post on buzzfeed about a baby who did not completely recognize its dad because he had shaved. What’s funny is that this happened to me recently as well with my baby.

Kids are the world’s greatest educators. They have no biases, no outside influence just what their minds, emotions, feelings, and bodies are telling them. They essentially, if we pay attention to them teach us what a human being is in its purest form with their inborn brain and feelings.

In today’s modern world we have promotions and ads influencing us who is important and what is good. When to take a shower and which soap and shampoo to use. This is around us at all times working on influencing our every decision.

Marketing and social influence can be good though. It can be promote good causes, discover one’s self, and helpful in relating to other human beings’ needs. We want that there should be good competition in business, that’s what helps our economy.

Advertisements will vie for each consumer’s attention and it will be up to the consumer to tap into those basic human instincts (like that little baby has) and also use the more developed and matured intelligence and experience to make each choice effectively.

Educating children means to tap into their basic human psyche and to embellish that with all of the good and experience today’s modern world has to offer. Our children may be born pure, however, they won’t remain that way. It is up to us to enable them to grow in the path that they choose and that is good for them.

It’s the season for buying the upcoming cars new for 2015. Below are some examples of the new cars on the market. How you will be influenced is up to you. Once people are in the market for a new car will they sell or donate their old vehicle? Use those inner instincts and make the the decision best for you. Don’t let marketers decide for you.

youtube accord youtube f-150 youtube acura
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