Kids Love Kars for Kids Jingle

The Kars for Kids jingle has its fair share of infamy. In this post we explore how the young generation of kids really enjoy the jingle.
kars for kids jingle

Marketing to the Children

kars for kids jingle

When a corporation or organization performs marketing strategies to gain consumers, clients, donors and ultimately traffic into their stores or websites many things and demographics are taken into the equation. Consumer behavior, buyer psychology, what makes people tick, what touches on their emotions, and values are just part of what goes into marketing plans.

Many may wonder how companies are able to reach kids at various stages encouraging them to buy or pester their parents to buy for them. How many parents will go on certain vacations, purchase certain school supplies, go on certain outings, buy specific toys, and eat at specific restaurants because of their child’s needs?
Marketers across the globe will study with the aid of psychologists, anthropologists, surveys, consumer habits and lots more to specifically target children in their advertisements. How many TV commercials will you see children (very cute ones) featured?

What made me think of this is how many parents reach out to us on Twitter, or on the phone sharing with us that one of the reasons they decided to donate a car was because of their own kids. Either it was the kids in the commercial along with our mission which struck that emotion to help more kids or that their own kids were actually driving them crazy singing the “infamous” Kars for Kids Jingle all the time.

Case in point. I’m going to bring three separate examples of how the Kars4Kids jingle can be really catchy even for young children. As young as infants even!

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