Re-purposing old items for new uses is age old. In today's world where new products are constantly being produced recycling and finding new uses for old items is both purposeful and interesting.

Donating Cars is one way to Re-Purpose. Here are some Very Interesting Other Uses

Working with cars on a regular basis exposes me to a world of knowledge unto itself. Much of the car world is involved with the mechanics, the inner workings, and the engineering to which I claim to have no knowledge of. However as with each industry there are always those unique parts which can be just fascinating.

Recycling is a big part of our organization’s activity and personality. We receive all sorts of vehicles from cars to go-carts, from boats to motorcycles and even lawn mowers. Business vehicles and recreational mobiles are all part of Kars for Kids donation repertoire. These vehicles go to fund lots and lots of educational programs. They go to be physically recycled to create new sheets of metal which will be a part of the manufacture of all sorts of products including more new cars. These cars kind of take on lives of their own.

There is however, a whole new world which revolves around cars bringing recycling to a new level. There are car aficionados in the world that will not just buy a cool car and tinker with it. They will take an old classic or vintage car and create new creations literally out of the pieces of the car. You name it, they’ve used it in some new piece of furniture or useful item for someone’s life. Be it a bed, wheel barrow, or lamp these cars go to a different car heaven where they serve a new purpose and a very fun and vintage one at that.

Most of us go shopping in the stylish department stores for our household needs. When we need a new car, our old car (which is likely to not even be so old) goes to be traded in. being creative and using the current resources that is physically in our hands now doesn’t even cross most of our minds. For many of us, we can’t afford the time or creativity it takes to recycle our old items. We can however, admire the resourcefulness of those who can afford the time and money, who do have the skills to take something old and seemingly useless and re-purpose it for a new life and use. Creativity is to be admired. It’s something Kars for Kids believes in and works on instilling into the educational programs.

Maybe Kars4Kids should really be named Kreativity for Kids? Whatta ya think?

This is absolutely a great short video almost documentary like about re-purposing old cars. Enjoy!



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  1. Art and cars and mechanics meet. How nice, art, as a mode of self-expression has a place everywhere. I just hope that my car doesn’t reach the artistic stage for many, many years to come.

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