New Year’s 2016: Looking Forward, Looking Back

by Rina Gestetner

Since fewer than 1 in 10 of us are expected to achieve our New Year’s resolution, I propose that we start a new trend instead: New Year’s introspection. Remembering why we’re doing what we’re doing, in the hope for rejuvenation and a fresh new year. A promise of thoughts and only that.

Looking back at the past year as an employee at a nonprofit can go in two directions: we can look at the work we’ve done as tasks that were crossed off our list, or we can look at that same work as accomplishments that are changing lives. Every day brought with it frustration, every week yielded impossible deadlines, and every month had late nights at work. But a year passed means thousands of kids attending school, spending their summers in a positive atmosphere, receiving guidance from their mentors, and shaping into our future success stories.

This year, I’m spending New Year’s putting this all in perspective so that next week, when I want to just go home and crawl under my covers, maybe it’ll cross my mind that Kars4Kids is headed somewhere- and we’re headed there fast. new years



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