The Donation that Touched our Hearts

Who knew that a 5 year old boy from North Jersey could make such a difference and touch the hearts of everyone here at Kars4Kids, not to mention everyone in his hometown? Little Anikan Callie is a loveable 5 year old who absolutely loves the Kars4Kids jingle. When he was only a year old, he would sing along with the jingle whenever it came on the radio. Now, Anikan is four years older and just as adorably obsessed.

Recently Anikan came to his mother with a unique request very few 5 year olds would ever make. When he learned the money from the car donations goes toward helping thousands of children, he knew he wanted to be a part of our mission. However, without having a spare car to donate, Anikan’s aunt got involved and decided to start a GoFundMe page to raise money for his worthy mission of donating a car. Before long, everyone at the Kars4Kids office heard of Anikan’s efforts and jumped in, eagerly contributing to his GoFundMe page. Soon after, Anikan raised enough money (with some help from his aunt) to buy a used car and just as quickly donated it to Kars4Kids.

With the unique sincerity and compassion this young boy has shown, Anikan has stolen our hearts and has proven the age old adage, that great things come in small packages. Thanks Anikan for your generous donation! We are sure we will continue to see great things from you in the future!

Watch our phone call with Anikan thanking him for his donation here.



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