Vehicle Donation Process Explained – Part VII by Kars for Kids

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When people hear a charity ad on the radio the best way to go about it is investigate online. Kars for Kids does not use a third party which would thereby take funds away from their programs.

Clarifying the fine points of a car donation to a charity

cash - Kars for Kids

So where does the money actually go?

This is probably the second most if not the most favorite question potential donors ask Kars4Kids when they call to find out information about donating their car. Pretty valid question I’d say. People just don’t give things away just like that. This is especially the case with regard to solicitors and especially to big pieces of property likes homes, land, or any type of vehicle.

Some car donors or any charitable donors have been burned or duped in the past by various charities. There are scandals out the window in the legal offices around the country. Scams are rampant at charities and businesses alike. These people whether they’ve been victims of these incidents or not don’t want to be the next one to experience a scam.

People we talk to often find it incredulous when people simply call and just hand over a legally owned piece of property with all of its potential ramifications that can occur. An ad on the radio or a classified ad in their local circular or even a TV commercial should never be the determining factor whether one will purchase a product or contribute to a charity.

Those that do ask that question “so where does the money go” are doing their due diligence and being responsible about their finances, about their reputations, and about their lives.

One specific point to share with a caller is what percentage of the donation actually goes to the charity and to its intended purpose. There are many charities who enlist the services of outside fundraisers who will advertise and pick up their vehicle donation and share a percentage of the funds with the charity. The rest obviously goes to the fundraiser as their service charge. Many would be shocked and possibly horrified to learn that according to the Attorney General of California, as little as 19% actually goes to the charity. Now mind you, the charity also has its own administration, its own workers and expenses. So a very minute percentage ends up in actual programs or needy people’s hands.

Kars for Kids is very proud of its ability to do all of those fundraising operations on its own. They eliminate the potential huge sums that fall into the pockets of third party fundraisers.

Our customer service agents are prepared to answer any question that is posed. One question that they’re all 100% sure of is that 100% is handled by the charity and not by a third party.

* That’s not to say that Kars for Kids does not have its own administrative costs. Not having a third party involved greatly reduces those “fees”.



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