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Kars for Kids is a charity that funds many education and recreational programs throughout the year. TheZone is a campus that serves as a center for many educational programs and a summer camp.

A Peek into one of the unique programs during the year at Kars for Kids

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Car donors call us and email us all the time asking what does our charity do? What does Kars for Kids support? We tell them that we’ve got a variety of programs which are both culturally and educationally centered. Kars4Kids has a firm belief in both a child’s education and a strong connection with their heritage. When a child has a connection with their heritage, with their family’s history they connect towards life and education on a much more meaningful and deep level. Education is fundamental in Kars for Kids’ mission. Without proper education a child can feel lost, can be estranged in life. The only success in life comes through hard work and knowledge both centered on education.

Well now I have the opportunity to share with you about one of our programs that we run. We have a yearly weekend retreat for the boys and girls of our programs. One weekend in December is dedicated to the girls and one weekend to the boys. This weekend in the middle of the winter is a valuable opportunity to connect with friends, mentors, and new people of all ages in a relaxing yet culturally engaging and educational backdrop. The weekend starts on Friday at noon with a variety of indoor and outdoor activities which are available to our regular camp attendees during the summer months. I will list for you some of the highlights at these weekends.

  • 750-800 boys and girls attended the most recent two mid-winter weekend retreats.
  • 400-450 mentors and kids’ families attended these two retreats.
  • This previous retreat was graced with Mayor Miller from the Ocean County area and the New Jersey Director of Agudath Israel of America among other dignitaries.
  • Skiing lessons
  • Hanukah theology in modern time application.
  • Donut making, Nature walks, Family style meals, Torah Mates, and Singing and dancing.

Many of the children come from low income backgrounds. They simply don’t have the luxury of having much of the cultural and educational resources available to them. To be able to come to summer camp or to be able to participate in our other round the year programs affords these kids an essential part of their childhood to be fulfilled.

Kars for Kids prides itself as a facilitator of Jewish children and general population’s children ‘ultimate success in life. Education is the foundation of it all. By exposing children to a huge variety of activities, incentives to study harder and learn more skills, workshops in interpersonal relationships with each other, with their families and mentors, these kids are in a significant advantage to now succeed both in school academically and in life itself. They will go on to build business, develop new products and nurture beautiful families. Their divorce rate, their disposition towards illegal substances and illicit relationships will decrease tremendously.

Throughout the year kids will attend camp, attend weekend educational recreational get-togethers, come to one or more of the weekends or holidays, and/or have a Torah Mate which is Hebrew for an educational mentor. This just reinforces the connection to learning, the connection to their heritage and their connection with a defined purpose in life. They will succeed at it.



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