Prayers for Carter & Conner Continue – But Not Alone

2004 GMC Yukon XT
Kars for Kids hears the impassioned plea of the conjoined twins Carter & Conner Mirabal. A family car is needed and a GMC Yukon XL is on its way to Jacksonville Florida.

Kars for Kids Donates SUV to Carter & Conner’s Family

2004 GMC Yukon XL

We’re expecting!

Joy! Anticipation!

Excitement and planning!

That’s what parents and extended family members feel in these moments when a new baby, a brand new human life will join their family. Each doctor’s visit is exciting. Names are discussed, baby clothes, strollers, and other paraphernalia is looked into.

If a family encounters even a small disruption in a normal pregnancy, the anxiety levels immediately go through the roof. When a 1/200,000 case comes up to a family that is financially strapped this can spell disaster. Emotions run really high. To whom does the anxiety fraught parent turn? The medical expenses, the trips to the hospital, the various prognoses, and more, are what this family faces. When various groups, charities, and individuals come and offer some help, moral support, advice, or financial aid this can help this family stay together and survive this challenge.

Mother Michelle Brantley and father Michelle’s fiancé Bryan Mirabal were surprised yet excited when they found out that they were expecting. The excitement became a source of concern and worry when they heard that Michelle was pregnant with twins which were conjoined. They were informed that there’s a 25 percent chance of survival, 40-60 percent is stillbirth, while only 35 percent survive past day one.

To help this family a bunch of organizations rallied for the family. A Facebook page was set up called “Prayers for Carter & Conner”. Among the efforts to help the family, Kars for Kids was contacted to provide a family vehicle for the Mirabals. Arrangements were made and Kars for Kids Spokesperson and Representative David Geberer drove 14 hours from Kars4Kids corporate offices located in Lakewood, NJ to personally present a 2004 Yukon XL to the Mirabals. The hand-off took place together with the devoted hospital staff of Wolfson Children’s Hospital.

See some nice pictures of the event here.


Every non-profit has its criteria for where there funding goes and how. Kars for Kids allocates the funds from each car donation towards educational and extra-curricular activities for Jewish children’s programs throughout the year. When a story such as Carter & Conner’s comes about, Kars for Kids decided to go beyond their normal fund allocation and hand delivered this car to help this family in a challenging period of their lives.

Kars for Kids wishes Carter & Conner, the parents Michelle & Bryan, the devoted hospital staff, and all of the various individuals and organizations behind this outpouring of help and love that everyone should be healthy, successful and safe.

Click on the link to find out how you can help Carter & Conner.

See this aired on The Doctors TV Show



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  1. Im a grandmother of my first grand daughter,her name is Jozelynn she just turn 1 year ..She has downsyndrom she had a heart operation when she was 7 months old ,plus she has fluid around her heart and her lungs. We need a van or car because she has to be seen at LONG BEACH CHIDRENS HOSPITAL every month ..specially when she cant breath takes us 3 hours on the bus..sometimes is in the middle of the night when shes sick and we cant go until the buses start running..please in need of a car . Once we got to the hospital and doctor said we got there just in time ,because baby was struguling to breath. Please somebody help me ..thank you

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