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So many people look for mentors in life. At Kars for Kids we work on getting each child a mentor from early on. Mentors help children learn life.
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A mentor
Comes into my life
Pays attention to me
Is consistent
A supplement to my family

A mentor
Listens to me
Is with me in my struggles
Helps me figure life out
A welcome friend

A mentor
Helps me think
Guides me patiently
Is there through good and bad times
Never judges me

A mentor
Tells me I can do it
I can accomplish
I can overcome
I can live without a mentor

A mentor
Encourages me often
Helps me up when I stumble
Teaches me skills
Empowers me

A mentor
Tells me that I’m growing up
I can become great without him
Tells me he’s always there for me
Lets go of the apron strings

I’m growing up. Thank you for showing me how.



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