How to Get to Know Your Co-Workers in a Large Organization

The opportunity to get to know your co-workers on a personal level, especially in an office with hundreds of them, is an important one. Learning their personalities, how they work, and who are team players, are all important points that are highly valued in fellow employees.

While learning these points through trial and error and interactions in the office is certainly one way to go about it, Kars4Kids has introduced a unique option that allows for the development of personal employee relationships outside of the immediate workspace and the fast paced work environment, which allows employees to then learn how to work more productively with one another. With our weekly employee lunches, employees are randomly paired with a partner and are allotted extra time to their lunch hour to get to know one another outside of the conference room.

With the backdrop of a hot lunch provided by KArs4Kids onsite cook and enjoyed inside of our spacious lunchroom, employees are handed the opportunity to connect with one another in a stress free and slower paced environment. With the fun lunching opportunity, employees are not only able to get to know everyone in the office, even those outside their department, but it promotes employee relationships and work comradery. This has shown to result in an overall happy, friendly, and productive work environment.

This program can easily be adopted by organizations as the concept is simply to promote employee to employee relationships, which can be adapted in any number of settings. We highly recommended for all organizations to incorporate any similar program with the same goal: promoting employee relationships, which in turn, promotes employee’s well being and positive work attitude.




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