Feral Peacocks Attack Cars (We Swear We Had Nothing to Do With it)

peacock photo by Tj Holowaychuk on Unsplash

The residents of Surrey, British Columbia have a problem. Namely, a rowdy crew of 150 feral peacocks. The colorful birds have disrupted the peace and damaged property, too.

It all began with a guy who decided to farm the plumed animals turned menace. The farmer moved away, but the birds stayed.

That’s when the trouble began.

First of all, they’re loud. The peacocks wake babies from their naps. Some say that’s because the birds took over one resident’s tree and he illegally cut it down to get rid of them. That means frustrated birds, which means noisy birds.

The peacocks also take over property. For one family, this meant they could no longer use their front door, as the birds had taken roost on the front stoop.

The worst of it all, however, is the damage to cars, especially shiny new luxury cars in dark colors. The peacocks see their reflections in the shimmery new paint jobs and just have to peck at the brazen images staring back at them. That’s just the way peacocks roll.

So, lots of scratches on the shiny new, no longer so shiny or new cars. *sigh*


For some people, there will be marks front, side, and back, and the bird stalks its adversary, attacking from every side.

We’re not talking pennies, here, but thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. What to do? The residents have no clue. No local agency is willing to take responsibility for the birds or the damage they cause.

The moral of the story? Don’t park near peacocks. And if you do, please know that Kars4Kids will be happy to take your scratched up luxury car off your hands!

Not that we have anything to do with those 150 feral peacocks that just happen to be roaming an upscale British Columbia neighborhood. . .



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