New Pennsylvania Bill Targets Pet Hot Car Deaths

small dog looks out window of closed car

Kars4Kids has been in the forefront in the fight against hot car deaths. We’ve kept you up to scratch on statistics. We created a free app to help parents alert parents to the presence of a child in the backseat of a car. We even found new and creative ways to illustrate the dangers of the rising temperatures of a closed car (no, it doesn’t help if you crack open the window), as with our #hotkarchallenge, and our Hot Cars Cookie Challenge.

So we figure it makes sense we’d be the first to tell you about HB 1216, legislation that will help keep Pennsylvania pets safe. The Motor Vehicle Extreme Heat Protection Act does this by giving legal protection to public safety officials who might break into a car to rescue a trapped animal. It seems incredible, but first responders are having to worry about lawsuits when they go to the aid of the family dog or cat. Happily, the new bill takes care of this problem in a logical way.

“We’re not looking for vigilantism. It’s not, ‘hey, we’re going into cars and busting windows’. There’s steps in place, but it will allow those first responders to make those decisions and have the protections they need,” said Senator Rich Alloway (R. Pennsylvania).

Kars4Kids applauds these efforts to help our furry friends, who can’t turn on the air conditioning, or unlock a car door to save themselves from the devastating effects of the too-hot-to-handle heat of a closed car. Let’s hope other states take Pennsylvania’s good example and pass similar legislation. #petslivesmatter.



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