Attached to your car? You’re not Alone

'77 Chevy Caprice - Kars for Kids
Some thoughts that try to convey feelings that many have when donating or selling a family car that has been in their lives for many years.

Reflections from Kars for Kids on Car Attachment

'77 Chevy Caprice  - Kars for Kids '69 Ford Torino

A car

A piece of metal – lots of gears and electronics
A piece of metal – I use for my needs.
A piece of metal -takes me from point A to point B.
A car

Make and model –
What color is your car?
I’m proud of my car.
Engine’s a V8 – powerful.
A car

I feel safe there.
A place where I can sit quietly with myself.
A place where I feel pride.
A part of my identity.
A car

Something’s ticking.
Something’s leaking.
It’s got a scratch – a bang.
I’m upset.
A car

My family joins me in the car.
We go on pleasure trips in the car.
We have meaningful conversations in the car.
The car has taken us to happy occasions and sad ones.
A car

The car’s gettin’ old.
It’s breaking down and costly to fix.
I compare my car with newer models.
Should I get a new car?
A car

A car becomes part of our family.
A safe haven; we share a lot together.
Hard to part with.
At the end of the day it’s just….
A car.



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  1. Wow! With the prose of Dickinson, the language of Frost, the style of Longfellow, the feeling of Whitman and the emotion of Eliot, this poem (and poet) takes its rightful place amongst the giants of American Poetry. And not just American- Shelley would be proud as well. Keep up the good work!

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