It’s only been a year since Fay joined Kars4Kids, but with her ever-present smile and upbeat attitude, she quickly became a fay-vorite (groan).

Describe what you do at Kars4Kids?

Fay: The bulk of my work here is answering the chat inquiries on our website. Unofficially, I’m known as the “Chief Chatter.” I also deal with donation inquiries via phone and email.

How do you contribute uniquely to Kars4Kids?

Well, I’m really good at multitasking. I can do a lot at once. I’m also very friendly, and I’m caring and sympathetic.

I’ll give you an example. Someone once called to donate her deceased son’s car. When the tow truck arrived, she became so distraught at seeing her son’s car towed away, she called me to say she was changing her mind! I gave the driver permission to leave without the car and reassured her that we’d take her donation whenever she was ready.

More recently, I got a call from a donor in near hysterics. She couldn’t find any paperwork for her car, and she was in the process of moving while simultaneously being a caretaker. In addition, she doesn’t use the internet and would have to physically go to the DMV to fill out a form. She was so overwhelmed she literally began crying on the phone.

I was able to get the towing company to agree to bring the paperwork for her to sign and to take care of her DMV issue too. Needless to say, she was relieved and gratified!

What do you enjoy about working at Kars4Kids?

The atmosphere around here is very friendly. Plus, the managers really care about us and go the extra mile to make us happy.

What do you feel you are learning by working here? 

Well, for one, I get to brush up on my Spanish! I took two years of Spanish in school, so when a Spanish speaker calls us, I’m able to help and simultaneously get some real-world Spanish practice.

I’m also learning valuable people skills, particularly how to deal with people who are upset. Sometimes you have to know how to just bite your tongue!

Do you have any hobbies or interests? 

I like helping people. I cook and shop for friends who need a hand.

I also enjoy reading about psychology, abnormal and clinical psychology in particular. I wouldn’t want to be a therapist professionally though. I think it can be a very depressing job. You hear about people’s problems all day and don’t necessarily see clients getting better. They don’t always even want to get better.

What do you do on your time off?

I’m a mother, so that doesn’t give me too much time off! But I like cooking and shopping for people.

Cooking– what’s your specialty?

Moroccan fish. I also like going for walks and hikes. I find watching my son play at the beach relaxing.

Thanks for sharing with us Fay! 



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