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Event planner clipboard, coffee, and swatches

Getting to Know You: Shayndy Abrahamson

The proceeds from Kars4Kids car donations go a long way toward funding Oorah programs, events, and retreats. Know that these events and retreats are mammoth undertaki

Brad Gordesky, Real Estate Development Kars4Kids

Getting to Know You: Brad Gordesky

Kars4Kids: What is your full work title? Brad Gordesky: Real Estate Development Kars4Kids: When did you begin working at Kars4Kids and why? Brad Gordesky: I

Meet The Team: Rivky K.

Even though Rivky has only been working at Kars4Kids for three weeks, she is already an integral part of the Kars4Kids team.

Meet the K4K Team: Chaya

Meet Chaya, an operations specialist at Kars4Kids. Part of the Kars4Kids Meet the Team series.

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