A Brighter Future for the Children of the 32nd District

32d district back to school Kars4Kids backpacks 2023

When the children of the 32nd District returned to school this year, a number of them were wearing the brand new backpacks we sent along. As in previous years, we were happy to help out when contacted by the office of the New York State Senator Luis R. Sepúlveda regarding this year’s back-to-school event. This year, however, something had changed.

Event Coordinator Dorcia Williams wrote that with the redistricting process, the 32nd Senatorial District has shifted to become the poorest district. “Our office has seen a drastic increase in constituents requesting assistance with rental arrears, eviction prevention cases, legal assistance, and public assistance including SNAP and Medicaid.”

It was clear that this year, more than ever, the children of this district needed help with backpacks and school supplies. Such items must necessarily take a backseat when it’s hard to pay rent or buy groceries. Senator Sepúlveda holds the annual 32nd District back-to-school event for the purpose of filling this so-critical need.  “Our mission is to supply these students with much-needed essentials, as countless children would otherwise face educational disadvantages,” said Williams.

32nd district Kars4Kids backpack giveaway 2023

Smiling 32nd District Students

At the yearly event, students receive brand new supplies at such locations as the NYCHA developments; shelters; after-school programs; at the offices of local organizations; and in other community spaces throughout the district. We were happy to send along some 250 backpacks to put smiles on the faces of these young people on the first day of school. It was a privilege to have a hand in creating a brighter future for the children of the 32nd District.

We received a gracious thank-you note from Williams:

I hope this email finds you well. Our office received your wonderful backpack donation today, and I wanted to reach out to thank you for your generosity. Thank you for your partnership and your continuous support of our constituency.  We are extremely appreciative to you and Kars4Kids.

Thank you again for all of your help.



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