Thousands of Volunteers Pack and Send Thousands of Holiday Packages

Girls smile as they pack holiday packages for Purim, 2023
See photos of the thousands of volunteers who heeded the call and came to prepare holiday packages for delivery to those who celebrate Purim.

Thousands of young volunteers recently assembled to prepare holiday packages to send to those celebrating the Jewish holiday of Purim. It was a sight to see, the sheer number of youth required to pack and put everything together. Not to mention the sight of thousands of boxes, stacked up and ready to go.

You could see that the volunteers, in spite of the work, were having a great time! After all, their work was going to result in many, many smiles from the recipients. And anyway, every time kids get together for a work project, they find a way to make things fun.

We thought you might like to take a look at how it all went down. The following photographs offer clear proof that a good time was had by all. Now, if only we could show you the smiles on the recipients’ faces as they open up those packages. (We do get lots of thank-you notes, so we know they are appreciated!)

. . . and here you see the boxes being loaded onto delivery trucks–next stop, the post office, and then to the homes of the lucky recipients. Thanks to your donations, they will have everything they need to have a wonderful holiday!



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