Enthusiastic and fun, Faigy is an integral member of our customer service team.

Can you describe what you do here?

Faigy: My job at Kars4Kids is mostly receiving donations, and making sure that the process is smooth and easy for our donors. This includes answering calls, chatting online, and following through with each donation to make sure that everything was taken care of efficiently.

When my phone rings, I hope that it’s a new donation, as each donation greatly benefits our children. If the caller has already donated, my job is to see what they need and try to assist as best as I can.

How do you contribute to Kars4Kids?

I love interacting and connecting with people! When I answer the phone, I am given the opportunity to do the things I love the most. Being open, friendly, cheerful and helpful gives me so much energy!

We can almost feel that energy now! What would you say is the most fun thing about working for Kars4Kids?

I love speaking to people all over the country with different accents. It’s like a game trying to figure out which region the donor is coming from, and then getting the answer when taking down their number and address! I get better and better at it.

And because I love connecting with people, I really find it interesting when my donors tell me about themselves. For example, a donor had a fire in his home and was helped by kind people, so he’s “giving back” by donating to charities.

What is the strangest story you’ve encountered working here?

Well, there was an instance where a donor emailed me requesting that I call him so that we can discuss donating his property. I gave him a call, and asked him if it was a convenient time to talk. He told me that he’s actually hanging from a building a few hundred feet off the ground and requested a call later on. I’ve followed up with him over a period of about three months through phone and email, but I was never able to reach him since that initial correspondence. I hope he got down!

If that is not strange, I don’t know what is.

That is kind of strange! And what do you love doing most in general?

I really enjoy interacting with people. I love hearing about people’s life experiences, because I see how that affects their perspective on life. Why have to go through life learning things on your own when you can also learn from other people’s experiences and gain so much?

I also love shopping, going out with friends, reading and just taking it easy!

Finally, tell us one value you consider very important.

From my experiences, I see how important it is to make someone’s day more pleasant. A smile, a nice comment, being sympathetic, or even a joke, can make a person’s day.

Thanks Faigy!



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  1. Wow, Faigy, I love it! It’s so YOU. It’s lovely to see your personality and enthusiasm popping off the page as it must be bursting through the phone lines. K4K is mighty lucky to have you on board!

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