Rebecca is one of our busy customer service reps here at Kars4Kids. Fortunately for us, she found time for a short interview!

Hi, Rebecca. Can you please describe what you do here?

I take calls from potential donors. I do my best to help make the donation process as easy, smooth, and meaningful as possible for every caller.

What is your unique contribution to Kars4Kids?

I am one of the more experienced reps at Kars4Kids. I’m very good at establishing a positive rapport with a potential donor. I have an ear for listening and I try hard to address any concerns they may have.

In an automated world like ours I think it’s nice that the donor has the benefit of personalized customer service and the name of a person to call if they need anything.

What is the most fun thing about working for Kars4Kids?

Every call is a completely new experience since every car has its own story. One donor is giving the car that belonged to their parent, spouse, or other close relative. Another donor might be a member of the armed forces who is being stationed overseas. Or someone might be a donating a car that was simply used to the max with very colorful history. Obviously, these donors can be quite sentimental. I really enjoy making these donors feel their particular car has found a worthy new home.

Do you have any interesting stories?

Yes! Someone donated a car to us that happened to be nearly identical to their neighbors’. When the driver showed up, he accidentally took the neighbors’ car! Of course, as soon as we realized what happened I called the neighbor to apologize and assure her that we will return the car right away. I was anticipating a conversation with very annoyed person, but she actually told us we can keep the car! She said she was thinking about donating anyway.

Another memorable call I received was from parents whose daughter ran away from home with their car! They lived in Scottsdale, AZ, and they located their daughter in Philadelphia. They wanted their daughter to fly home, but they didn’t know what to do about the car. They decided that the best solution was to donate it to us. We were able to pick up the car directly from the airport and allowed them to mail us the paperwork.

What do you enjoy learning about?

Everything to do with Southwestern culture. We have a vacation home in Tucson, AZ. I love learning about the history of the place, its culture and its art. My husband majored in History, so having him on our trips makes them really interesting.

What do you like to do on your off-time?

Shopping and the library! My 12 year old daughter is very fashion-conscious and so she drags me to all the so-called “cool” stores! I am lucky that she gave up trying to give me a makeover a while ago! The library is another favorite place of ours as we are both avid readers.

Really? What type of books do you enjoy?

I really like thrillers and mysteries.

Currently my favorite book is “The Answer Man,” by Roy Johanson.

Thank you, Rebecca, for your time and for a fascinating interview!



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  1. Rebecca sounds like a Wonderful Woman that God uses her talents every day to help others. May God Richly Bless You All working there.

    Question my son is in need of a car he has a heart condition but the Dr. says he can drive. He has 2 younger girls they live with us . But he needs a car so bad to take the girls swimming or school. If they get sick at school and need to come home it puts us in a bad situation if I am not home.
    So what are the rules to be on the Blessing end to get a car. He is 47 years old and needs a car so so bad. He has to depend on us for everything. It’s hard on my husband and myself. Can you please help?
    I have never heard about you but my best Friend listens to your radio station all the time going and coming back and forth to work . And to go to Church and all her running around she has to do. She just called me and told me I need to get in touch with you to see if Nick could Quality for a car ?
    Thank You Very Much for your time,
    Connie Lyle

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