You know about Kars4Kids and the great things we do. But have you ever wondered about who we are?

We present this short series profiling some of the interesting people whom you may encounter when you speak with us on the phone, and some of the others who keep Kars4Kids up and running. Get to know some of the faces around our office!

Amy’s been a customer service representative at Kars4Kids since August 2014. She graciously agreed to kick off our new series.

What do you do at Kars4Kids?

Amy: I take donations over the phone, which obviously involves a lot of, well, talking on the phone! I also train in new reps. I show them how to use our computer system and teach them phone techniques.

What about when you’re not doing a great job at Kars4Kids? 

I love cooking! And skiing!

What do you love about Kars4Kids?

I LOVE working with people! I feel that donating a car should be a highly personalized experience. For us working here, we deal with donations on a daily basis. It’s pretty humdrum.

But for the donor, it’s a big deal! So I try to make it meaningful and personal. I ask about the car, how long they had it for, things like that. I’ve even had donors change their minds, believe it or not, when they started feeling too sentimental!

Any donations stand out as unusual?

I can think of quite a few! Here’s an interesting one:

Someone called us saying that his son was in a car crash. His son was ok, but the car was totaled. The problem was that the car was smack in the middle of the street, blocking traffic.

Then the sheriff got on the phone. He said we needed to get the car out within two hours, or they’d have to get it out another way.

We got busy. It took some teamwork and a few phone calls, but we got the car!

What do you enjoy learning about off the job?

Understanding the connection between mind and body. Specifically the books of Dr. John Sarno, like The Divided Mind. Dr. Sarno explains that the mind is composed of two parts, conscious and unconscious. The unconscious mind will experience stress or anxiety that the conscious mind doesn’t want to accept. So the mind will create a distraction so the conscious mind will not feel that stress. This distraction is often physical pain. He explains many ailments this way, including acne, back pain and more.

Finally, do you like working for Kars4Kids?

You bet!



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