Police Scooter Thingy Donation

What is this thing?

Kars For Kids

Some kind of cross between a motorized wheelchair and a covered motorcycle?

Perhaps it’s a flatnosed golf cart?

Actually, it’s a police scooter.

Designed specifically to navigate traffic on busy city streets, vehicles such as this one may look odd but they have been instrumental in allowing emergency personnel to reach accident and crime scenes quickly and efficiently amidst the bustle of the big city.

This is the coolest donation we’ve received in a very long time. Check it out!

Kars4Kids car donation

Kars 4 Kids car donation

Kars for kids scooter

kars for kids scooter donation

Kars4Kids vehicle

Kars 4 Kids interesting donation

Kars4Kids car donation program


More cool car donations can be found on the Kars4Kids Garage and the Kars4Kids Facebook page.

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