Car Donation Of The Week – 1983 Cadillac Seville

Known in hip-hop culture as the “slantback”, this unusually shaped car was also the last of the Deville line to feature an 8-track stereo system (nostalgia anyone?). It’s bulging slanted rear stands out among the car designs of the time.

Unfortunately, experimentation with a diesel engine, as well as other engine concerns caused the demise of this legendary Deville line.

Here, we think it’s pretty awesome! In fact, this beauty just sold for $2,500!

Cadillac Deville Kars4Kids


Kars4Kids side view

Kars4Kids Back Right

Kars 4 Kids Back

Kars 4 Kids car

Cadillac Deville Kars4Kids

More cool car donations can be found on the Kars4Kids Garage.

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