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Gregory works in our operations department here at Kars4Kids.

Hi, Greg! Can you please describe what you do here at Kars4Kids?

I work in operations. I assign cars to different sellers, hire new towing companies and approve bids of sales of cars.

What unique qualities do you feel that you bring to Kars4Kids?

Well, I tend to think out of the box. I come from a different country so I look at things a little differently.

What would you say is the most fun thing about working for Kars4Kids?

Well, I like the atmosphere around here. People are very spontaneous. Like, we once had our computer system crash, so we weren’t able to do our regular work. Someone took out a guitar and we had an impromptu mini-concert!

Can you tell us a little bit about your background?

I was born in Russia. To make it short, life there was not fun! I was beaten up a lot for being Jewish, and I was lucky to be able to escape to America.

I studied here for a few years, and then worked in a series of jobs before I came to Kars4Kids.

What type of work did you do?

Being a young immigrant I took any job that enabled me to support myself.

I started working in a takeout store. I then worked as an assistant manager in a supermarket for a few years, and then helped my friend open a pizza shop. Afterward, I worked for a local pharmacy chain and then opened two new pharmacies. For a few years after that I managed a restaurant.  Afterward, I went on to become director of operations of a nonprofit educational kids’ project. And finally I came here!

What would you say is your favorite job of all?

Right here at Kars4Kids! And I’ll tell you why – this is not the best paying job I ever had, but it is definitely the most meaningful. When I work here I know that the fruits of my work will help a child.

Hurray for us!

What do you like to do in your time off?

I like to spend time with my family, read, travel, and cook. But not necessarily in that order.

What would your ideal vacation be?

I love archaeological, cultural, and historical travel, especially in the Middle East.

Sounds cool!  Thanks for a fascinating interview, Greg!



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