When Rebecca came down with laryngitis (probably from one of her Wild West vacations) she was a little annoyed. She was really used to talking. In her own words, she can “be quite a conversationalist.”

But, since she works as a call-center rep here at Kars4Kids, she decided it was work as usual. As for her missing voice? Well, it would just have to make its appearance!

sore throat sign

It soon became clear that it wasn’t going to work. Her voice kept fading in and out, and people on the phone noticed.

Much to her surprise, though, they weren’t annoyed! In fact, advice flew fast and thick.

“You’re sick!” was one donor’s helpful observation.

“I’m a nurse,” another donor presented her credentials. “Do you have post-nasal drip? No need to see a doctor, then. It will go away by itself….” Phew! “…in five weeks.” Oh, no!

“I’ll make this quick. You have to boil a lemon. When the pulp is nice and soft, put honey on and eat it.”

“Take a shot of whiskey and honey.” (Rebecca did not get permission to do this at work.)

“Where are you located? Maybe I can bring by some chicken soup?”

Of course, the most common suggestion was to drink tea with honey.

sore throat

All in all, Rebecca was quite overwhelmed with all the sympathy. But, she realized she had to rest her voice. So for now, she’s concentrating on non-phone related work until her voice is back.

Then she can give out her own sore throat advice.



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