Hero Saves Two Children After Car Accident in Atlanta

Atlanta boys saved by Chris Brown after car accident
Chris Brown of Atlanta saved two boys after their parents were killed in a car accident. His town is celebrating him as a hero.

Chris Brown, of Atlanta, never expected to become a hero that day. It was December 14, and Brown was on his way to DJ a party when he happened upon a car accident. “We stopped and I rolled the window down, I could hear two little kids screaming and I hopped out and ran over to where the kids were and I called 911,” said Brown.

But when Brown looked into the car window, he saw that Delanie Murphy and Dave Chavis, parents of the two young boys, were already dead. That’s when Brown knew he just had to get those kids to safety. “I busted the front window and reached back and unlocked it,” Brown said. “I saw some hair hanging out of the car seat.”

It turned out that hair belonged to two year-old Cash, who was trapped in his car seat which had been turned upside down in the crash. Brown managed to pull both boys out of the car staying next to the two youngsters until the paramedics arrived. Chris just kept telling them that everything would be okay.

The two boys were taken to Children’s Hospital in Atlanta for treatment.

Brown will never forget that day, and it is hoped the two young boys will always remember that at the worst of times, a complete stranger stepped in to help.



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