Air Freshener Plus Lit Cigarette In Closed Car Equals Really Bad Idea

Black Car After Aerosol Air Freshener plus lit Cigarette

Aerosol spray cans are bad for the environment, climate, and our health. Ditto for cigarettes. But put them together, and you’ve got one explosive situation all around. At least that’s what happened when one smoker lit up after freshening the interior of his car. He, um, blew up his car.

Bystanders described an “enormous bang” and buildings in the vicinity visibly shook, with windows shattering in nearby businesses in the UK’s Halifax, West Yorkshire.

The driver escaped with light injuries.

The car, however, is a mess.

Local police issued a statement on Facebook: “Shortly after 3pm this afternoon Fountain Street, Halifax, had to be closed due to an exploded aerosol can.”

Police said the car was standing still in traffic, when the driver decided to spritz some air freshener, and then lit a cigarette without opening the windows. In their statement to the public, police asked the public to please be careful when using air freshener.

That sounds like good advice.



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