Governor Cuomo Superhero Rescues Driver on BQE

Governor Cuomo rescues trapped driver after accident on BQE
Governor Andrew Cuomo became the unlikely hero who rescued a trapped driver after the van he was driving began to overturn.

Governor Andrew Cuomo turned into a superhero for a brief moment on Monday afternoon, when he helped to free a passenger, trapped in a van after the vehicle began to tip, threatening to overturn completely. Being rescued by the governor sounds like someone’s fantasy, or perhaps a dream. Except that these days, there’s always someone with a smartphone to capture the whole thing for posterity.

It seems that Cuomo and his people happened to be driving on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway with the intention of getting to the airport to catch a flight. When they saw the accident, says Dani Lever, Cuomo’s spokesman, Cuomo just knew they had to stop and help. Especially since the Cuomo team included a state policeman.

Lever explained that a big catering van had run up onto the median and was about the tip over. Since the NYPD hadn’t yet arrived, Cuomo and the state policeman got out to cut the passenger out of his seat belt. Luckily, no one needed transport to a hospital, though at least one video released from the governor’s office, depicts Cuomo embracing a woman, who was distraught and shaken after the accident.



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