Getting to Know You: Shayndy Abrahamson

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The proceeds from Kars4Kids car donations go a long way toward funding Oorah programs, events, and retreats. Know that these events and retreats are mammoth undertakings. The large numbers of people to accommodate, the necessity to have appropriate and stimulating programs for all ages, and getting the word out is a big job, not for the faint of heart. Lucky for Kars4Kids, Oorah, and the children and families we serve, we have Shayndy Abrahamson to make sure it all comes together with perfect precision, time after fabulous time. We spoke to her to find out more about her special knack, and how she gets it all done!

Kars4Kids: What’s your official job title and how long have you been working at Oorah, Kars4Kids’ sister charity?

Shayndy Abrahamson: Official title is Director of Events. I’ve been working here for 8 ½ years (9 in August—milestone anniversary!)

Kars4Kids: Can you give us a rundown of a typical day for you at the office?

Shayndy Abrahamson: Every day is different it all depends on what event is coming up. For example, right now I’m working on applications for the Passover family retreats and care packages. In the background, we have the singles retreat 3 weeks after Passover and then the Shavuot holiday retreat, so I’m working on those too. In fact, we ordered the Shavuot holiday postcards on Monday so we can mail them right after Passover.

Kars4Kids: Has Kars4Kids changed since you came to work at Oorah?

Shayndy Abrahamson: Very much so. I’ve come to appreciate the scope of what we do0 with the help of Kars4Kids. We don’t just help the individuals, we help the families from the littlest ones to the grandmas and grandpas. And we don’t let them go either. Because it is families that support the children.

Kars4Kids: How do you balance work and home life?

Shayndy Abrahamson: During my busy season it’s hard. Once supper is finished and cleaned up, I usually log on to work so I don’t get overwhelmed in the morning. My kids love going up to TheZone for the holiday retreats, though for me, it’s not a vacation. I run around a lot when I’m up there, even during the holiday itself. My kids make friends at each retreat and one of my daughters will be working in TheZone this coming summer.

During my non busy season, work ends at 5:00. I occasionally get a phone call or email after hours, but they’re usually not urgent and I can reply when I’m available.

Kars4Kids: What’s the first thing you do when you get home from work?

Shayndy Abrahamson: Start making supper (if it wasn’t in the crock pot, Instant Pot or on-time bake in the oven)! I schmooze with my kids while I’m preparing supper and help them with their homework. We always eat supper together as a family—we find this extremely important—so my kids take a healthy snack when they get home (which is not much before I do—they’re big now!) to tide them over.



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