Employee Appreciation Day At Kars4Kids

Everyone understands how important appreciation is. Whether its an employee, child, friend, or co-worker, letting others know how thankful we are for them goes a long way. You can make someone’s day with a simple smile and thank you for their work/friendship/etc. and no one understands this any better than Kars4Kids.

While it wasn’t officially employee appreciation day on the calendar, Kars4Kids celebrated our very own employee appreciation day this week with a delicious BBQ lunch. Celebrating the hundreds of employees year round hard work culminated in this delicious lunch.

Stepping into the cafeteria to a spread of every BBQ accoutrement provided a small break from daily deadlines and overflowing inboxes, allowing the employees to sit back, relax, and enjoy this extra special lunch which celebrated their achievements, as well as the last few weeks of summer. The hours of work that went into preparing the meal by the Kars4Kids on-site chef showed just how important every employee is toward making the Kars4Kids mission a success, which made the rest of the busy afternoon that much easier to tackle.

It is these small and seemingly simple ways that could make every employee feel valued. Celebrating employee milestones and accomplishments, creating incentives, along with the occasional surprise BBQ are all a part of what makes Kars4Kids unique.



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