Accident report with key and pen after autonomous car crash

We humans have a running contest with the world of automation. Who is king? Who runs the autonomous car?

And who takes the flak when things don’t go as they should?

These are thoughts to ponder as we consider this story in the LA Times regarding six crash reports involving autonomous cars. It seems that two out of six of these reports found humans approaching cars and attacking them. In one case, the car was sitting at a red light, and apparently not moving quickly enough for the pedestrian who ran full into the car, and struck its side.

In the second case, a taxi driver got out of his taxi, and slapped the passenger window of the autonomous car behind, scratching it. This incident is really curious. What was the purpose of this slap? Did the taxi driver wish to know if the car had feelings, like a human? He might have just asked the human who was sitting inside the car, as mandated by the law when testing autonomous vehicles.

The real question for those of us at Kars4Kids is: can the autonomous vehicle donate itself??



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