To Tell or Not to Tell: One Mum’s Tale of Not Keeping Mum

Teens drinking beer driving
When is it NOT okay to tattle on your teen's friends who engaged in dangerous behavior from behind the wheel? (Pretty much never.)

One of the worst things you can be is a tattletale. But the danger of keeping mum was too big for one, well, mum in Oklahoma, who reported an incident of teens throwing bottles out of a car window at other vehicle. The teens recorded their joy ride and uploaded the video to Snapchat. The Oklahoma mom saw the video on her daughter’s phone.

Oklahoma mom (she’s keeping her identity a secret because she is feeling vulnerable) then posted the video to Facebook. As soon as she did so, the joy-riding vandals started messaging their friend, “please take down the video. It was all a joke.”

But it sure didn’t seem like a joke to the people whose cars now sport dents and dings.

If you were that mom (or a dad, if you’re a guy), what would you have done? Report the incident and put your daughter’s popularity in danger, or stay quiet so no one will ever know the difference?

And why on earth did these teens deem it fun or a “joke” to damage cars?



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