Dog inside car
Tesla is rolling out its Dog Mode feature to let passengers know the dog they see inside the car, is just fine, thank you.

Hot car deaths are tragic when they involve babies and small children, but are pretty darned tragic when they involve family pets, as well. For this reason, some states have crafted legislation to protect law enforcement officials who are forced to break into cars to rescue pets. Elon Musk’s Tesla Model 3 cars have now gone one better: the cars have rolled out a “dog mode” to protect pets stuck in cars from getting heat stroke or worse.

Once updated, the electronic vehicles will be able to tell when a pet is locked inside a car. The amazing thing? The cars will then ensure that the temperature of the car remains at safe levels for pets. Tesla is also most likely going to have some kind of display or announcement letting passersby know not to worry: that the animal is safe.

The catalyst for the new dog mode feature was a spate of pleading tweets from Tesla customers. One of those customers had a poignant request for Musk: “Can you put a dog mode on the Tesla Model 3.

“Where the music plays and the air conditioning is on, with a display on screen saying ‘I’m fine my owner will be right back’?”

“Yes,” replied Musk.

The great thing about having an electric car is that they are updated virtually, as you would your computer or phone. The dog mode update is meant to be an extension of Tesla’s Cabin Overheat Protection System. This feature already prevents car temperatures from getting too hot when kids or pets are inside. Dog Mode will additionally alert people passing by that the animal they see inside the car, is safe.

We’re happy to hear that Tesla is protecting these most vulnerable passengers from harm!



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