Second Corona Car in India Urges People to Wear Face Masks

Where is a car both a car and a public service announcement urging precautions during the corona global pandemic? Why, in India, of course.
corona autorickshaw in Chennai India (screenshot)
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Corona cars are officially a thing in India. We wrote about a corona car last week, and now there’s another one, or rather what the Hindustan Times calls a corona “autorickshaw.” Once again, the concept is meant to spread awareness of the proper coronavirus precautions, this time, wearing face masks.

The artist who designed the newest iteration of a corona car, B. Gowtham, created the car from discarded plastic bottles, 165 bottles, to be exact. That makes the car not only a work of art and a kind of public service announcement, but environmentally sound, since the car is based on recycled materials. The car took six days to make, with Gowtham employing six assistants to help build the quirky message on wheels, which urges people to wear face masks, via an audio system.

Speaking to the Hindustan Times, Gowtham, who is 27, said, “Wearing masks is a necessary precaution and if people of Chennai don’t abide by the rules, they will be heavily fined. This auto is here to make people aware of the crisis we are facing and how a simple measure such as wearing masks will go a long way in helping save lives.”

The Chennai-based artist also told the Times that, “Even if my initiative can save one life from the deadly virus. I would be very happy.”

Now maybe Gowtham can build a car to teach about social distancing. Based on the screen captures here, it looks like the people of Chennai could use a little help with that, too.

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