RIP Cynthia: She Cared for God’s Creatures at TheZone

Cynthia in the stables
Cynthia cared for the farm animals and horses year round at TheZone retreat and summer camp for many years. This week we mark her passing.

This week, we mark the passing of Cynthia, a member of TheZone family who had a boundless love for all the members of the animal kingdom. Cynthia took care of the farm animals and horses at TheZone for many years. TheZone, of course, is our summer camp and retreat center in the Catskill Mountains.

Our little zoo is an important part of TheZone, giving urban children a chance to cuddle a bunny, ride a horse, or care for newborn baby chicks over the long, hot days of summer. But when the kids go home at the end of summer, the animals remain and must be fed and cared for. Cynthia was an integral part of keeping the animals at TheZone happy and well for several years, year-round, and by extension, that made her a member of TheZone family.

Cynthia cares for cow

Memories of Cynthia

When asked about her memories of Cynthia, Girls Division Director of TheZone Toba Shifrin, had this to say:

Cynthia really cared about the animals and by extension—any Zoniac camper or staff member who showed empathy and sensitivity to G-d’s creatures, was a friend.

One of our baby goats thought she was its mama—this little one followed her around like a pet. The baby goat would jump into her truck or onto her lap as she went about her work in the golf cart. Like Mary’s little lamb—the goat would often escape its pen to follow her around.

When Cynthia heard about the fire that destroyed several buildings at camp—her first concern was for the bird we kept on the porch: “Is the bird okay?”

It was.

Rest in peace, Cynthia. We hope the baby goat will find a new “mama” to follow, even if things can never be quite the same. Our condolences to your family—your presence will surely be missed.



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