Dorit is a customer service rep here at Kars4Kids!

Can you please describe what you do here at Kars 4 Kids?

I help people donate their cars and I answer their questions and concerns. I also try to resolve any issues that may crop up in the donation process, like assisting donors to get in touch with the towing company and arranging expedited pickups.

What qualities do you bring to Kars4Kids? How are you unique?

I take responsibility! When there’s an issue that needs attention, I make sure it gets resolved and I don’t just pass it along to someone else. I also try to be available to take as many calls as I can.

I also have a sense of humor and I am a good conversationalist. My goal is to give the donor a memorable donation experience. I crack jokes, and when appropriate, I’m emotionally supportive as well.

I make sure that the donors realize how much their car means to us and to the kids. This gives donors a great feeling about donating their vehicle. I want to hear those smiles through the phone wires!

What do you like about working for Kars4Kids?

I like the work environment here! It’s fun and exciting.

It’s also especially meaningful to hear about the fruits of my hard work and how the donations benefit kids nationwide. When I hear about the success stories, the families and kids who were positively impacted by our programs, I feel great to be a part of this special organization!

Any strange or funny stories you’ve encountered working here?

A woman was once desperate to retrieve an item from the car that she donated. Of course, I told her that I’ll do my best to help her. When I asked her to describe the item, she told me it was a stick!

I guess we wouldn’t have much use for that!  What do like doing in your free time?

I love shopping, traveling and going out to eat.  I don’t get to do these very often (since my little boy demands a lot of my attention!), but it’s a treat when I get a chance!

Any hobbies or interests?

I’m interested in writing and editing, and I try to write a bit in my spare time. My area of expertise is academic writing and research papers, so I like to help friends with their schoolwork and speech-writing.

I also appreciate well-written literature. I use my kindle a lot!

Thank you, Dorit. It’s been a pleasure!



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