Lightning Strikes The Kars For Kids Headquarters

Scary moment this morning in our office as a monster storm rolled in.

Watching the lightning out of the windows, we were fascinated by the power of the storm.

One enterprising employee set up a camera to film the lightning. He never expected to catch lightning striking our building.

Everyone is safe thankfully, but we all had quite a scare.

Minor damage to the wall, a few wires, and some of our servers.

More pictures are available on the Kars For Kids Facebook page, where you can make us feel better by giving us a LIKE!

Damage to the Kars For Kids office

Rescue workers inspect damage to the Kars For Kids office

Outside the Kars For Kids office

Wire above the Kars For Kids office

Damage to wire above Kars For Kids office

Emergency personel in the Kars For Kids parking lot



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  1. Glad everyone is ok. Just look at it as one in the lifetime event & you witnessed it first hand with no injuries. Thank God for that. Talk about getting lit up

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