Kars for kids towers find lots of interesting things in cars

At Kars for kids, we have wonderful towers that pick up Kars for us all over the country. One of them shared an interesting story with us recently.

In operation since 1974, All Auto of San Francisco picks up cars within San Francisco and San Mateo counties. All Auto operates two tow trucks full time, but has a dedicated tow truck owner operator with 15 years of experience in handling car donations. All Auto has seen a lot of interesting stuff left behind in the cars it tows, for instance garage door openers. People leave them in their cars all the time.

kittens car

All Auto tries to reunite such items with their owners, but has accumulated an entire carton of garage door openers! But the most unusual item ever left behind in a car serviced by All Auto would be a litter of kittens! A litter of kittens! Their eyes still closed, found in a donated car picked up from an industrial yard.

The workers parceled out the kitties to be fed by eyedropper every hour or so. Robert at All Auto said, “I became Kitty Daddy. I was a wild kid. I figured this was payback.”

An ad was placed on Craig’s List to find homes for the kittens.

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