Kars for Kids Infamous Jingle Debuts on Television

That jingle you always hear on the radio is now on television. Kars4Kids first TV commercial ever.

Television – the name alone has so much meaning to it. The ability to see across the world –The ability to see things that were never visible before; be it education, business opportunities or simply a world of fun and enjoyment, the world has and never will be the same.

There have been several milestones in the world of broadcasting and advertising on television.

– 1939, the first televised major league baseball game between the Cincinnati Reds and the Brooklyn Dodgers aired on W2XBS a station of NBC.

– July 1, 1941 at 2:29 p.m. the first TV commercial ever aired on WNBT at Ebbets Field at the Brooklyn Dodgers vs. Philadelphia Phillies baseball game. The TV ad was 10 seconds long advertising Bulova watches. “America runs on Bulova time” was the entire ad. The commercial cost Bulova between $4-9.

– Thanksgiving Day, 1950 saw the first TV commercial of Coca Cola.

– Prior to the presidential elections in 1952 WWII hero, Dwight D. Eisenhower made use of TV to campaign and get his message across the nation. From very far away people felt that he was addressing them and their questions directly.

– 1950s the first Pepsi commercial aired on television, featuring James Dean (his first time as well) and a very cute commercial.

– 1963 McDonalds makes their debut TV appearance featuring the hamburger happy clown, the iconic Ronald McDonald.

– 1964 Ford Motors featured the first TV commercial of the now iconic Mustang. Ford expected to sell 100k at most. Within one month they sold over a million.

– January 9, 1984 Wendy’s the famous fast-food chain was facing serious competition from McDonald’s and Burger King. They decided to enlist actress Clara Peller and produced what became a very popular TV commercial and slogan entitled, “Where’s the Beef?”

– January 24, 1984 Apple Computer introduced the Macintosh.

– February 26, 2007 the first official ad for the first iPhone was aired publicly on television during the Academy Awards.

– Television has evolved tremendously as have the commercials on the various shows. It has brought lots of information, entertainment and has made the world smaller for all of mankind.

– This week, the future of kid’s education has reached a new milestone, as the Kars4Kids infamous jingle is being aired across TV stations around the country.

– Each child precious, their education paramount; and so Kars4Kids brings that concept visually to America through the vast medium called television.



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