Kars 4 kids Backpack Giveaway, a PostScript

Three days, five locations, three thousand children… that was our goal. Kars4kids was aiming to distribute three thousand backpacks in three consecutive days.

We knew it was going to be hard, very hard.
Starting the day extra early, loading up the vans, making sure correct amount of inventory goes to each location so that we don’t run out of backpacks, meeting up with local officials at the prearranged time to aid us in the distribution process. All the logistics had to be just right if we wanted it to run smoothly with minimum hassles to our recipients.
But we didn’t realize how rewarding it was going to be, getting to meet all the kids and families from five different boroughs in New York. Seeing the smile on the children’s faces and the gratitude their parents had, and knowing that our hard work was going to help families and really make a difference to so many new Yorkers. It really made the hard work all worth it. We really enjoyed it and were inspired, visit Kars4kids Facebook to see all the great work for yourself.



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