Moore Koats 4 Kids

We were extremely saddened and touched when we received the SUV involved in one of the most horrific stories to emerge from Hurricane Sandy.

Glenda Moore was driving with her two children Breandon – 2 and Connor – 4 when their car stalled in the midst of the worst storm to hit New York in decades. As the flood waters rose, Glenda sought shelter but was turned away by nearby homeowners. More details about this terrible story can be found in this New York Daily News story about the Kars 4 Kids fund.

We knew immediately after receiving this donation that we had to something different and memorable with this car. That is why we are announcing the “Connor and Breandon Moore Koats 4 Kids Fund”. The fund will use the proceeds from the car to distribute free kids coats in Staten Island sometime this month.

Interested members of the public can participate by donating five dollars on the Kars 4 Kids – Koats 4 Kids page

The car was donated by NYPD hero Lt. Kevin Gallagher who was praised by President Obama for the way he stood by the family during the search for the children and after the tragic discovery of their bodies.

After learning about this tragedy that happened to these beautiful kids, we felt we had to do something for kids. Brokenhearted and saddened by this story, this fund is our answer to the callousness displayed by unconcerned neighbors, with a spirit of unconditional giving.



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