Google Assistants New Driving Mode Lets You Turn On the AC Before You Get In

Hot uncomfortable African American driver discovers remote Driving mode that turns on AC
A cool new feature lets you turn on the AC in your car before you leave the comfort of home.

This is so cool. Literally. Google has updated Google Assistant, adding a new Driving mode that can do all sorts of tasks if you only ask.

But it gets better: within the next few months, Google will be adding a remote control feature to Driving mode. What this means is you’ll be able to, for instance, turn on the air conditioning in your car, before you even leave your home or office.

No more burning hot seats that stick to your skin. All you’ll have to do is tell Google to turn on the a/c and your car will be nice and cool when you climb in. No more getting sweaty after just having showered before work.

Ahhh. Technology just keeps making life more awesome.

We love it.



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