Meet Business Data and Process Analyst Sarah Gayle, Kars4Kids working mom extraordinaire!

Kars4Kids: What is your full work title?

Sarah Gayle: Business Data and Process Analyst

Kars4Kids: When did you begin working at Kars4Kids and why?

Sarah Gayle: I started working here in April 2016. I was drawn to K4K for many reasons. Of course, the obvious answer of using my skills to make a difference. I have always been really into data, and wanted to find a way to use that to help people.

There is also a really impressive team here full of passionate, smart, and creative people that makes the work dynamic really special. We are all here for the same reason, all trying to use our unique talents and skills to further the mission, and there is truly a family feeling that I’ve never gotten anywhere else. The level of talent, knowledge, and passion, is also much higher than I have seen in my other work environments.

Lastly, I was excited to come to K4K because as a data analyst I knew I would have a very diverse array of projects to work on. Many of the people I graduated with work only with insurance data, only with healthcare data, only with city planning data, etc. Work here is never boring or monotonous.

Kars4Kids: How has Kars4Kids changed since you joined the team?

Sarah Gayle: Since I have joined—it just keeps growing and growing and innovating and innovating!

Kars4Kids: Describe a typical workday for you at Kars4Kids.

Sarah Gayle: There is no typical work day for me! Sometimes I am analyzing data, trying to draw conclusions and figure out how we might want to change our workflow. Other times I am working directly with outreach departments on how to collect data to make sure we are using resources as effectively as possible. And still other times I am learning new analytical tools that I can put into use for the organization.

Some projects last a few days, and others are never ending. That’s one of the reasons I love it here- no day is the same as the last!

Kars4Kids: How do you balance work and home life?

Sarah Gayle: Being a working mother is always going to be hard. It’s definitely easier working here than other places because Kars4Kids is very supportive of family life between the daycare, events, and just the overall feeling that we are one big family. And something else that makes it easier is that I enjoy what I’m doing and enjoy the environment, so while I miss my family and feel busy, I am happy to be here, too.

Kars4Kids: What’s the first thing you do when you come home from work?

Sarah Gayle: The first thing I do when I get home is ask my daughter, who is in Kindergarten, how her day was.



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