Gas Prices High, Car Supplies Low, Might as Well Stay Home

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As gas prices rise, you may want to switch to a more energy-efficient EV or car. Unfortunately, there aren't any out there to buy.

Gas prices continue to surge, having already reached an all-time high. As Americans feel that wallop to the wallet at the gas pump, some are looking for ways to drive smarter and save money. Those lucky enough to own an electric car in addition to a gas vehicle, are keeping their gasoline-powered cars in the garage. But most are not lucky enough to have a choice between electric and gas-run vehicles. For those who don’t own an EV, the alternative is to keep the car parked and opt for public transportation, a less expensive alternative

Others, meanwhile, are adapting to the gas price hike in other ways.  Nancy Peters, a computer service and repair technician for example, says she will have to charge more for her services. “My work involves traveling to clients’ homes. I can’t absorb these rising costs and still make a living. I have no choice but to charge them for gas.”

COVID Cases Drop—Gas Prices Rise

The worst part of the price increases for some, at least, is that we’re finally able to travel again, as COVID-19 cases begin a countrywide drop. But as gas prices continue to escalate with no end in sight, some have decided to stay home, instead. “It’s such a bummer. I was going to drive down to Florida from my home in New York to visit my elderly aunt. She’s 100 years-old. All during the lockdown and the months of COVID, I worried I wouldn’t get there in time to see her. And now that I can finally go, I can’t afford the trip,” said Sally Markham.

Some consumers are contemplating a switch from gas to electric vehicles. But with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine showing no signs of petering out any time soon, this may not be possible. The demand for electric cars has increased, the supply, however, has diminished. In fact, while gas prices continue to rise, there is a concurrent, record-low in automobile inventory levels. Dealers say that cars and trucks, whether gas or electric, are already spoken for, even before they arrive at dealership lots.

Energy-Efficient Cars Unavailable

Looking to buy a more energy-efficient gas-run vehicle, as gas prices continue to rise? Good luck. Energy-efficient cars are no more available than any other kind of car. Many automakers have mostly phased out small car production, adding to the vehicle supply chain issue. Car manufacturers would rather produce SUVs, large pickups, and crossovers than smaller, energy-efficient cars. It’s all about higher profit margins. The larger vehicles, of course, are an even bigger drain on finances at the pump, as they require more fuel to run.

The long wait for wheels is actually longer if you’ve decided to purchase an electric vehicle. Consumers may wait months to buy a gas-powered car, but those looking to switch to an electric vehicle may have to wait years. There simply aren’t any out there to buy.



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