Distracted Driving Increases Risk for Collision 29 Times

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Did you know that your car covers more than the length of a football field in five second, just traveling at 55 mph? Now imagine how long it takes to turn around to tell Little Susie to stop pinching Little Bobby’s arm, or even to just look over at your coffee cup, pick it up, and take a sip. These are both examples of distracted driving. Something that is literally killing people on the highway. And we haven’t even mentioned texting or answering your phone while driving, or checking your Twitter or Facebook account.

Five seconds is just too long to look away.

So say researchers from the University of Missouri who found that not paying attention while driving, for any length of time, increases the risk for collision on the highway by a factor of 29.

That’s right. 29 times more likely to crash, just by taking a phone call while driving on the highway.

This is something that everyone should know. Because summer is coming. And that means cars filled with boisterous families on the highway, taking road trips.

So read this article. Then read it again. And share it with everyone you know.

No reason to become a statistic.

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  1. […] Distracted driving is anything that takes your attention off your driving, and increases your risk for a crash. That distraction may be visual, manual, or cognitive. In other words, if it takes your eyes, hands, or mind away from your driving and the road, it’s bad. It causes accidents on the road. Distracted driving kills. It increases your risk for collision 29 times! […]

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