Corvette will soon Launch the E-Ray and it’s really FAST!

corvette e-ray
70 years after the launching of the first Corvette, the classic sports car has now gone hybrid on the way to making a fully electric 'Vette.

The Corvette is about to get a whole lot faster making an already cool car, cooler than ever! That’s because later this year, the E-Ray goes on the market, cooler than ever! The E-Ray is a gas electric hybrid, Corvette’s first hybrid and first all-wheel-drive Corvette. Here’s the reason this ‘Vette really flies. The front wheels run on an electric motor, while the back is powered by the usual Corvette 6.2-liter V8 engine.

The E-Ray, like all Corvettes, is a status symbol. Which means that only the very wealthy can afford this Chevrolet sports car, at a price of “only” $104,000. If you were to really delve who, exactly, is the intended consumer target, in addition to be wealthy, they’re going to be people who always have to have the latest technology and certainly in their cars.

70th Anniversary Corvette

It’s kind of amazing, actually, to look back and see how far the Corvette has come.  How far, exactly is that? The E-Ray debuts on the 70th anniversary of the first Corvette, first introduced in New York back in 1953. That would be a real milestone for any car. But while the ‘Vette has come a long way, the E-Ray is only the first step. Next, says Chevrolet, an all-electric version of the car is in the works, though a target date has not been announced.

Is this Chevy at all practical? Actually, yes. The E-Ray is equipped with all-season tires. You can drive it any time of the year. Also, the all-wheel-drive system is configured to handle up to four inches of snow—which is about the fact that the E-Ray, like all ‘Vettes has a low-slung body, design-wise. But somewhat offsetting issues with driving the car in winter weather, is yet another cool-factor feature. The car’s computers are configured to power individual wheels of the car for greater stability in slippery conditions. We have to admit—that’s some pretty cool tech, right there.

Because of the ‘Vette’s slender consumer niche, the car has always been exclusive. Expect sales NOT to be brisk. GM says it sold only a meager 34,510 Corvettes this past year. With the price so high, that’s probably all it needs to sell, areweright?



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