smiling customer service rep laughs car payments and donation feature

Car payments and donation? As it turns out, “never the twain shall meet” as one donor found out. The “twain” is our donor’s two cars. He can no longer afford both, so had decided to donate one of them to us. Thinking to lower costs even more, the donor asked our customer service rep a (definitely creative) question: Would we cover his car payments? The answer? Nah.

But hey, props for originality. No one had ever asked us that particular question before. Kars4Kids Customer Service Representative David Georgis had the story:

“I had a donor call last week stating that the prices in New York City are too high for him to have a second car right now. The donor can’t handle his monthly car payments so he wanted to know if he can donate [one of the two cars] so he can get out of the car payments. I told him it’s not possible, of course.”

Car Payments and Donations? Nope

While our donor was disappointed to learn from Georgis that covering car payments and donation is not a thing, the guy still wanted to donate his car. So, happy ending all around, from our point of view. He gets a nice tax deduction—which we think is pretty cool—while supporting our charity for children—which we think is even cooler. Not to mention the free pickup and prompt, friendly service. (Did we mention the free pickup and prompt, friendly service?)

Essentially donation is always a win-win situation. Our donor, we hope, feels the same way. Even if covering car payments and donation are really not a thing.



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